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Chiropractor Joseph P. Preziosi, D.C.

Chiropractor Joseph P. Preziosi D.C.Dr. Joseph Preziosi grew up in Southern California, and received his Doctorate degree from Pasadena College of Chiropractic in 1986. Since that time his practice has been established in the city of Laguna Hills. Through many years of hard work and dedication to his patients, his practice has grown into a multispecialty healthcare facility which includes Chiropractic doctors, Medical providers, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, and Massage Therapists - all of whom work together as a team to help the patient achieve their personal health goals.

In order to stay current with the most recent advancements in the industry, Dr. Preziosi attends health and wellness conferences throughout the year. For example, he specializes in Cranial Adjustments (gentle adjustments to the bones of the skull), also, he holds a National Certification to perform exams for the Department of Transportation. Since 1986 he has treated a wide range of disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, with ages ranging from infants to seasoned adults.

Dr. Preziosi and his wife have raised four children in the community, all of which were very active in sports. Over the years he has donated many hours of care to local athletic teams, and continues to provide athletes with both recovery and preventative injury care, resulting in optimal athletic performance. His ongoing involvement within the community now includes volunteering with his grandson's Cub Scout pack. Since the inception of La Paz Spine and Rehab more than 20,000 patients have benefited from this holistic, multi-specialty approach to healthcare.

Physical Therapist John Sims, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist John SimsJohn Sims is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is Board Certified in Orthopedics. He has been with La Paz Spine and Rehab for the past 6 months, and he has brought the latest and most cutting edge PT techniques to our clinic. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Chapman University where he also enjoyed playing football and running track. He later went on to receive his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University. He recently received his Board Certification in Orthopedics. His clinical experience includes extensive orthopedic internships focusing on manual therapy.

As a Physical Therapist with a background in sports and nutrition, Dr. Sims’ goal is to restore normal function by creating an optimal healing environment for the body to overcome injury and illness. This is accomplished most effectively utilizing a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities, and patient education. He believes personalized treatment programs are critical for his patients to maximize their outcome and accomplish their goals. Dr. Sims enjoys surfing, mountain biking, basketball, and hiking. He particularly enjoys spending time with his wife Jaqueline and their new baby!

Chiropractor Charles Adamo, D.C.

Chiropractor Charles Adamo, D.C.Dr. Charles Adamo has been taking special care of south orange county patients for over 30 years. His viewpoint is for his patients to have the gift of health and proper function to optimally enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Adamo earned his Bachelor's degree from Cal State Fullerton in 1982 and his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Pasadena College of Chiropractic in 1986. Dr. Adamo uses many different Chiropractic techniques and is known for his gentle adjusting approach. He and wife Julie have raised five children and remain active in their church and community.

Medical Director, Internal Medicine Greg Van Dyke, M.D.

Medical Director Internal Medicine Greg Van Dyke

  • Loma Linda University Graduate 1981
  • Medical Board Certified 1992
  • Affiliate of Mission Hospital
  • Bilingual Spanish

Client Focus:

La Paz Spine and Rehab is a Family Practice. We work with any age of patient. We serve athletes. Charles Adamo, DC and Joseph Preziosi, DC work with all patients.

Please call us if you have questions at (949) 612-2417. We'd love to see how we can help!

We Work With:

  • Auto Wrecks
  • Workers Compensation
  • Injury

We Speak:

  • English
  • Spanish

Doctor Jody Nurse Practitioner

Nurse JodyTo be a nurse was Jody's heart's desire from as early as she can remember. In fact, she has a family Christmas card with a picture of her at 2 years old wearing a nursing uniform! Although she had no idea when that idea took root, she distinctly remembers when she decided on a particular focus: in her Nursing Roles class when she opened the gray textbook and read the description of a Nurse Practitioner. At that moment, she knew that role would afford her the higher level of independence and decision-making she desired. Later, she discovered that as a Nurse Practitioner, she could forge a different path to take care of people in a way that aligned with her deepest values-to treat patients as individual human beings, and not their diagnoses.

As a nurse, Jody has participated in the traditional medical system, and as a patient, she has been its victim. While being treated for Crohn's disease, traditional medicine made her sicker, and she developed lupus. None of her doctors could see outside the box. Fortunately, a friend took the time to listen and was determined to find another option when her doctors failed her.

Finish Line Dynamics is a world apart from that. As a Health Coach who is also a Nurse Practitioner, Jody has the opportunity to play it forward and care for people in the way she wants to be cared for. Here, an initial assessment is an hour long. She asks a lot of questions about nutrition, mental state, activity levels, and more, to really get to know her patients and identify the source of the problem. The results are truly amazing! Jody describes a recent patient, a woman in her 40s, was suffering from chronic pain and fatigue. Nothing was working-not physical therapy, not her chiropractor, not pain medication. Through blood work and genetic and micronutrient testing, Jody identified a Vitamin deficiency and a metabolism problem. After three days on a supplement, the woman woke up pain free for the first time in twenty years! "What a thrill to witness patients follow a treatment plan and get better!" Jody says. "Here at Finish Line, I can build sustaining relationships with patients that I never could while working in urgent care."

Jody's dream is to affect widespread community change beginning with individuals, usually mothers, and then families. Her doctoral dissertation focused on pediatric diabetes, which is a family-based disease. "If we start with women and children, prevention can spread into the community, ending an epidemic. Mothers can institute good nutrition and fitness-issues related to diabetes and obesity-in their families, and families can change society."

Getting and staying fit and healthy can be a fearsome thing, and Jody has faced down her own demons. In her early forties in Minnesota, she was struggling to overcome a weight problem and to get healthy. A friend who was officiating a triathlon invited her to check it out, but Jody was too paralyzed with fear even to go watch. She determined to overcome that fear and enter that triathlon the next year. The following summer, she completed three! The fitness bug had bit her, and she was losing weight, making friends, and slowly transforming herself.

In 2012, Jody joined the Red Ribbon Ride to support the Minnesota AIDS Project, and completed a 300-mile course over four days. As she rode into the state capital, she decided to join the California AIDS ride the following year, a seven-day, 545-mile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles. By the time Jody did that ride in June 2013, she alsohad accepted an exciting new opportunity in nursing  education in Orange County, California.

The last five miles of that ride were exhilarating beyond belief. The realization of what she was doing hit hard-"Here I am in LA, and a week ago I was in San Francisco, and I am on my bike!" But not only that-the memory of the emotional distance she had traveled spread out behind her as joyful tears flowed. "So many people had doubted me, but look what I just did! I knew just how incredibly strong and capable I truly was."

Jody believes anyone can and should revel in that wonderful, electrifying feeling-to know that you are capable and enough. Finish Line Dynamics is groundbreaking in its comprehensive, personal, and supportive approach that integrates mind and body.

No matter your age, shape, or size, let Jody help you cross your own personal finish line and claim your optimal health.

(Jody earned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and has practiced in family medicine, pediatric intensive care, bone marrow transplant, diabetes education, and urgent care settings. She also has taught nursing at the university level and served as an academic administrator. In addition to cycling and swimming, Jody enjoys movies, Disneyland, and baking. A native Minnesotan, she now finds great peace at the beach.

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"I can honestly say that the chiropractic staff is very friendly and they always greet me with a smile. The chiropractic office is clean and comfortable too. However, the chiropractic care is simply the best! I don't know what I would do without the chiropractic care of Dr. Preziosi. Thank you so much Doc and all the wonderful chiropractic staff. God bless you all!"

- Larina Bowers

"Amazing chiropractic service. The moment I stepped into the chiropractic office I knew it was going to be different than any chiropractic care I've received. Great chiropractic staff and chiropractic doctors! Highly recommend for those new to chiropractic."

- Steven Mercer

"Dr. Adamo's chiropractic work has been a blessing to me and my sore neck. His gentle and friendly approach to chiropractic far exceeds chiropractic care I have previously received. After 3 whiplashes, I really need chiropractic help and he is there. Thank you, Dr. Adamo and his chiropractic staff."

- Judy Burgess

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